Should your company donate to Pineapple Support charity (aproval pending)?

The answer clearly is yes, but don’t just take our word for it, recent studies have shown that there are four key benefits to donating to a charity;

Employee Moral

Taking an interest in your own communities by giving corporate donation can lead to a huge boost in employee moral. Workplace culture can improve with increased employee involvement and a general positive attitude. 

Increased Marketing

Organizations that actively support and show an interest in the welfare of others are some of the most powerful in the world. Apple matches employee donations, and donated more than $78 million to charities in 2015. 

Charitable sponsorship is a great way to support the adult industry community, while also gaining some great marketing. Donating to Pineapple Support will show all clients and organizations within the adult industry that you really care about your business and its performers. 

Tax Deductions

This is one of the most immediate benefits of donating. Not only will you be helping Pineapple Support provide adult industry performers with the support and mental health care that they need, you will also very quickly notice the tax savings. Of course we know that financial gain is not the sole reason for donating, but the fiscal rewards for helping us are great. In most countries, businesses can receive tax deductions. 

It’s Good For The Adult Industry

Donating to Pineapple Support has numerous benefits, but the most important is obvious; you should give back to our community.

Every cent of your donation will be spent ensuring that no adult performer ever feels as though they have nowhere to turn. It will help us guarantee that there will always be someone available to talk to, no matter the time of day. It will help us pay for professional therapy for those performers who need it but cannot afford it. It will help us save lives.

To become a sponsor, please visit or Donation page or email